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About Me:

Born in Milwaukee in 1986, I have made art for as long as I can remember. I consider my creativity a gift passed down from my mother’s side. I can recall my grandmother teaching me needlepoint and my mother teaching me to knit as a child. My work deals with the invisible connections between all things.

Although I have always had a love for the arts, for the longest time fear prevented me from pursuing it. It was only after graduating from college in 2010 with a degree in linguistics and no good prospects for a job that I decided to take the plunge to go back to school to gain the skills needed in visual arts. In the spring of 2014, I left art school to pursue a career as an artist. Since then, I have concentrated on building my body of work. I was partnered with artist Della Wells for the 2015 MARN mentors program.

I create abstract works of art in a variety of media, from fibers to metals to acrylics. I am also the host of a podcast called “The Curious Artist” in which I interview a diverse group of artists about the art world.

I have my jewelry at the Sparrow Collective and have sold at the Hummingbirch gallery as well. You can read more about my adventures in art and jewelry design on my blog. I started to teach myself how to paint in the spring of 2015.

I  make handmade jewelry using copper and brass. If you want to check out my jewelry, click here: jewelry

To see my painting click here: gallery

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