I choose to paint abstractly because I want to express something that is inside of me that cannot be expressed through words alone. I am mostly inspired by my “doodle” drawings that I drew during my time as a student to keep my mind occupied. My paintings are also inspired by the fiber art that I make. I like to think that my work represents the interconnected web of life, exponential growth, and an organic process. 

I use acrylic paints because they dry quickly. That allows for layers of color to be developed over a shorter period of time. Speaking of color, I like to play with colors in my work, for the main “web” I like it when one color gradually turns into the next shade, one ring at a time. I use a complementary for the “ribbon” to make the painting “pop.” People who view my work say they see neurons or other organic shapes in my art. I want to let the viewer interpret my work for themselves.

Fiber Art